Friday, May 18, 2012

Johnson City Farmers Market Menu, Summer of 2012

People have really been talking about my yummy baked goods! Thanks so much for all the happy comments!

Some of you have also asked for a menu of my current offerings.  Here's what I am baking for the Johnson City Farmer's Market.   I also bake by the "batch," several loaves at a time.  This is perfect for an office meeting, party, or a small business. 

I use unbleached flour in my yeast breads, for better flavor.

Here is a list of some of my items:

Contact me at for pricing and delivery:

Cinnamon Buns:
My cinnamon buns are made of a soft dough, with a cinnamon-sugar fillling. I don't skimp on the icing, either!
Cinnamon buns
Try one, and you will see why people have said, "Judy has great buns!" :)

KR said "If you offer to buy a friend a bun from Judy's Bakery of Johnson City and they say "no", buy it for them anyway. Otherwise, you will put yours on a plate, turn around to get a cup of coffee and when you turn back, 1/4 of your yummy goodness will be gone. LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE! BUY MORE THAN 1 BUN!"

Minimum order of 16 buns

Egg Bread:
Soft Egg Bread
Egg bread is my wonderfully soft, sweet, eggy bread. It's made with unbleached flour and sweetened with a combination of honey and sugar.

Egg bread makes a wonderful sandwich--Monte Cristo, egg salad, grilled cheese... It's a sweeter, more special alternative to white bread. Want a special brunch item? Egg bread is fabulous for bread pudding or french toast.

I can make it as a braid, or in a loaf pan. Just let me know what you would like.

There's nothing else like it around--it's a favorite of my farmer's market customers!
Minimum order, 4 breads (2 breads, if order a minimum order of cinnamon rolls--they are the same, yummy dough!)
Norwegian Sweet Bread
I take that same sweet dough for the egg bread, and flavor it with anise, cardomom and plump raisins.  After baking, I add Danish almond icing and toasted nuts. 
This is an authentic Norwegian recipe, passed down by a Norwegian baker named Hans.  His granddaughter is a friend of mine.
This is truly a special treat!  Great with coffee, even makes a great gift!
I might enter this in the county fair, since people love it so much.

Roasted Red Pepper Bread

This bread is really a winner--literally!  It won $300 in a bakeoff for a baking buddy in Michigan.  I'm thinking of entering it in the County Fair here.
This bread is stuffed with roasted red peppers, Italian spices, and kosher salt.  If you heat it up in a 350 degree oven for about 10 minutes, your kitchen will smell wonderful!  Just add some feta cheese to it, warm it up, add a salad, and you have dinner.  YUM!
Sourdough Loaf Bread
I keep a pretty active starter going, and it really gives my sourdough loaves a nice rise.  This loaf is vegan--just water, unbleached flour, kosher salt, and yeast.
I bake a large and a small bread (for smaller families and singles).
"Alex's Favorite Rye":
Alex's Favorite Rye

This bread was developed with the help of a customer. It's slightly sweet, and made with rye and unbleached flour. It doesn't seem to have the heavy taste usually associated with rye bread.

Minimum order, 3 rye breads

I can also make these breads:
light whole wheat
100% whole wheat with sunflower seeds 'n walnuts (YUM)
deli rye
and many others--let's get creative!

I'd be happy to bake for you! Please give me a few days notice.

You can pick them up at the Johnson City Farmers Market on Wednesdays, or I can deliver to Johnson City. A delivery charge applies.

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